Living Another Way Of Life...

Imagine Creating the life YOU Want...

This is what A.W.O.L means..Putting yourself in a position to Live Life by YOUR own design..Maybe you want to travel the world? Maybe you want to Live on a beach in the Caribbean? Maybe you just want to spend more Time with the people YOU love??

For me, I wanted to sail, ride my horses with my girls and spend quality time with my mom in her few remaining years..and that is EXACTLY what I am doing!

A few months ago I was struggling to feed my horses and trying to figure out how to pay the propane and electric bills! But after discovering Project A.W.O.L and this AMAZING community, my life changed, my dreams became a reality.

Want a Pool Side Executive office??? or Have the World as your home

Or anywhere actually! That is the Beauty of this system. YOU get to decide! YOU get to FINALLY Live by YOUR Design

Now tell me that ain't freakin AWESOME!

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What to Do Next!

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