Lolo Jones

By: Lauren Benson

Why I Chose Her

I chose Lolo as my famous Iowan because she never stops inspiring. She kept hustling even when it was hardest, she saw the light at the end of the dark tunnel, she persevered.

Basic Facts

Birthday- August 5th, 1982

Birthplace/Hometown- Des Moines, Iowa

Age- 33 years old

Why She's A Famous Iowan

Jones is a famous Iowan because she was born and raised here, in the capital city. She is an advocate for young athletes who are in hard financial states.

Childhood Hardships

Lolo Jones childhood was full of hardships. During here younger years of education, she attended more than 8 schools in 8 years. Her mother, Lori, raised all of the children alone as a single parent. Her father was either away in the Air Force, or in jail. Being very poor, her family was always in and out of homes. Her most permanent location was the Salvation Army basement. After some time, her mother decided the family was going to move to Forest City, Iowa. Immediately Lolo refused, she told her "Mom, I can't go to a city that doesn't have a track. I'm trying to pursue my dream." So her family parted ways from her, and she was in the care of 4 homes in Des Moines. Her mentor, Coach Ferguson, enrolled her in Roosevelt High School and got her a job at the local café. This decision would change this athletes life forever.

Sports Career

A failure isn't a failure if it prepares you for success tomorrow -lolo jones

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suprising facts About Lolo

  1. Her birth name is Lori Jones.
  2. Jones is of French, African-American, Native-American and Norwegian descent.
  3. She is dating football star Ndamukong Suh

Charity Work

You Can't Shine Like a Diamond, If You're Not Willing to be Cut Into One -Lolo Jones

Lessons To Learn From Lolo

  • Stay humble, when you're at the bottom and especially when you're at the top
  • Work hardest when it's hardest
  • Help those who helped you, and then help those who were you
  • You don't need the big timer contract to be the big timer
  • Believe in yourself, not in the odds

IB Traits


I think that Lolo is a risk-taker because if she had moved to Forest City, who knows where she would be. If she moved, I probably wouldn't be writing this essay about her. She let go of her family for her career, for a new life, and for something she loved.


Jones is also balanced because somehow with a crazy career, a boyfriend, and a family, she still shines. She works out like crazy, deals with photo shoots, and runs like there's no tomorrow.

jones today

Right now, Lolo is training for her fourth ever Olympic appearance at the 2016 Rio Olympics. She stated "This last season I had two surgeries within a year, they were very tough to come back from and I was like, 'Man, is this a sign to give up or is this just a sign of me to get healed?' But she kept fighting and is now training once again for what we hope to be a successful year.


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