German Americans

German American information By:Jacob

When they came

The first German americans came in 1683.More came in the 1700's after the war ended.In the mid 1800's more came after failed revolution in Germany.In the early days about 200,000 germans came.Later more than 5,000,000 came here.

Where they settled

They settled in pennsylvania in 1852 because it looked like germany.Some came to work in factorys. Some imigrants came to work on farm land.In the mid 1800's germans who wanted a change settled in places like Texas &California.Some didn't have a choice since promised to work for free for 3 years inexchange for payment of thier travel expenses.


They had a festival named Oktoberfest.They eat german food,german clothes and german music.They had the first easter egg hunt.They had christmas trees and presents for presents.


The first german americans came to Pennsylvania.About 200,000 german immigrants.more than 5,000,000 german immigrants.Fewer german immigrants.About 12,000 german immigrated to the united states.

Why they came

So they could go to safer places and have religious freedom.They had a revolution against the government.So they can have better jobs.To get land and build farms.They fought for their civil rights.

Additional facts

They made the U.S stamp in 1983 to honor the first german settlers in the colonies.Some children had to walk a few miles to get to school.Girls got into gymnastic clubs.Different aged children got the same teacher.


German americans


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