USA Refugees & Immigrants


USA Refugees & Immigrants Purposes

Purposes. As set forth in The Articles of incorporation, USA Refugees is organized exclusively for charitable help and educational purposes, and can be referred to in these by laws in the organization or corporation.

This purpose include:

1) The purpose of USA Refugees is to manage, organize, promote and leadership Refugees, Asylums, Resettlements and immigrants worldwide community who have escaped or fled from their countries of born to USA.

2) Provide alternatives for their home, health, knowledge and way of living improvement

3) Provide referral services both home and abroad to agency to assist Refugees, Asylums, Resettlements and migrants.

4) Establish a Web based talks radio and TV programs open forum for discussions on related topics’,

5) Provide companies a truthful and confident way to approach to Refugees, Asylums, Resettlements and migrants

6) Built association with other charitable, human rights, education, democracy, poverty, culture, health and child mortality, environmental sustainability, children and family rights, gender equality, social and economic development public and private organizations based national or international to provide Refugees, Asylums and Resettlements with necessary resources to improve their lives.

7) Promote Human Rights, The Millennium Objectives’, United Nation and it institutions resolutions.

8) Provide advises to the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees Office, as a Refugees, Asylums and Resettlements panel.

9) Organize conferences and forums, partnering with various international and national organizations, engaging civil society, supporting its member organizations in carrying out local and regional activities, researching and writing status reports, and making policy recommendations with regards to intellectually disabled persons and their families and all Refugees, Asylums and Resettlements families.

10. Provide a monthly newspaper and a appropriated Web page so companies, and all interested people could be appropriated informed with updated information.