USW Staff Digital Competence

Monthly newsletter for staff development

Issue 2

As a way of developing confidence of staff and sharing good practice, this newsletter will highlight some of the things that teachers are doing and some guidance on how you can start to use the apps in your own delivery.

iPads and teaching

IPad at USW

This week saw the digital day for the year 3 students, lots of great ideas were shared amongst the students as they look to embrace the use of technology in the classroom. Throughout the session we discussed how technology is not something that we necessarily teach the students but instead should be an embedded tool that allows students to access things in new and exciting ways. To provide them with personalised ways to demonstrate what they know and how they can think critically.

Create, Communicate and Collaborate were the 3cs that I based my teaching on, add in the crictical thinking and we have a model for delivery that technology can underpin.

What is Google Apps for Education?


Google Apps for Education is a suite of applications from Google that are bundled up together in an education package. It is completely free to schools and allows all students to have access to office apps and much more, on any computer or internet enabled device.

It comes wth unlimited storage which makes documenting students work and the creation of digital portfolios a breeze. These portfolios can be transferred throughout the students time in school, through transition and can really help teachers to measure real progress.

Google offers so much more though. Continuing the themes of Creativity, Communication and Collaboration, students can use these apps to work together on shared documents, chat using hangouts, and create their own surveys.

Below is a link to more information about Google Forms and how they can be used.


Digital Twilights

To support staff and students I will be launching digital twilight sessions in the next few weeks. The idea is that these will be simple, informal opportunities to look at apps that could be used in teaching and learning and to familiarise yourselves with the functions. Then allow for discussion on how they could be used in the classroom to develop skills. Specifically looking at the impact on literacy and numeracy.

General consensus from students was to have these fortnightly and at either 4:00 or 5:00.

I would like to eventually open this up to our partner schools to join up the experience students may get in the schools when on practice.

Other good links


Below are some articles that have been shared with me via Twitter. Some great tips on things you can do in tyour classroom, ideas about pedagogy and inspiration to develop your teaching and learning. Teachers are starting to keep blogs of their own learning which can become a hugely valuable resource for other teachers.