Chloe Reish

I am an amazing basketball team Go Blue Eagles!


If you love basketball as much as I do this quote will make sense. When you concentrate hard enough you can make any shot you want. So if you miss 100% of the shots you don't take then make at least 90% of the shots you do take.

All About Me

If you haven't figured this out but basketball is my life. I play for the Field Of Dreams Activity Center. I am a blue eagle and so far the two games we played we won. i have amazing team mates who are very encouraging. we play as a team and never forget there is no I in team. our coach lets us laugh and play around but also makes sure that we know what to do so sometimes he can be very mean to. if we are acting a little to childish he will make us run. i love my team and my team mates and i wouldn't change anything. When i am older i want to be a lady basketball player.
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