Viscosity Races

By: Zain M. Siddqui

Aim & hypothesis

Aim: To test the rate at which different fluids flow

Hypothesis: The water will be the fastet and Mayonnaise will be the slowest

Materials Needed:

· Stop Watch

· A Tape Measure

· A ramp a table and two tote trays (secured with masking tape).

· 30 seconds of each different liquid to test (water, oil, tomato sauce, yogurt mayonnaise )

· Small containers

· Recording tables/sheets

A plastic drop cloth to catch the mess

· Calculators


1. Measure out 30mls of each liquid

2. Set your set your stop watch on zero

3. Tip one limit at a time from the top of the ramp. Remember to communicate with your group to ensure the time starts as you tip the liquid

4. Let the liquid flow for the time you have decided and measured the distance travelled

5. Record your result in the table

6. Repeat for step type of liquid, recording your result as you go

7. Clean your ramp for the next test

8. Tip one liquid down the ramp and time how long it takes to reach the bottom

9. Record your result in the table

10. Repeat for each type of liquid, recording your result as you go

11. Record each groups result as they become available

12. Using the calculator determine the mean distance and spread each liquid