Located on the continent of Asia


Current Leader: Xi Jinping

Capital: Beijing

Size: 3,705,407 (square miles)

Language: Chinese

Population: 1,336,718,015

Currency: yuan

Sushi is not from China, it is from Japan.

Pronounce China: ( chiy-na)

China Flag

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Xi Jinping

Xi JInping is the president of China. He started doing this in 2013.
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Basketball is the most popular sport in China.
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Noodles are popular in China, especially in the north. They are made differently then other noodles.
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Chinese Music

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Beautiful Chinese Music【20】Traditional【The Blooming of Rainy Night Flowers】


Pandas are mostly found in China. They are an endangered bear. There are less pandas than polar bears. There are a lot of panda places where bamboo doesn't get cut down. If you want to see lots of them go to China!
So Cute! Baby Panda Playing (1)

Things that make China special

Chinese New Year lasts 15 days (you have a better chance of seeing it)! The Great Wall Of China is 2,221 years old!!!! The Great Wall Of China is 5,500.3 miles long!!!!!!!!!!!
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Lucky Cat

Part of what makes China special.
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