Goals For Second Semester

A Better Year

My Goals

*Pay More Attention


*Be Happier

*Ask More Questions

*Talk Less Listen More

Pay More Attention

Last semester I lacked academically because I failed to pay attention. This semester It will be beneficial for me to pay attention so that I can grasp concepts faster and with a better understanding.


I am a scholar when I focus and need to completely indulge myself in the knowledge presented to me to fully advance my overall understanding and progress.

Be Happier

I plan on being much happier this semester because when I enjoy the things I do I can constantly do and get better at them.

Ask More Questions

Asking questions help me to gain further knowledge. I will ask more questions this semester!

Talk Less Listen More

I am very talkative and can never fully accept criticism and feedback. This semester i will learn to listen to my instructors and to learn from what they tell me.