Friday Flash

Friday, November 1, 2013

Hearts: Social Emotional Learning

Every Kid Needs a Champion

Here's a link to the video we watched on being a champion for a student...

We will re-visit this idea on 11/20 at our SEL focused p.d. meeting.

Spanish Speaking Mother's Group, 11/6 at 9am

There are flyers in the office for the Spanish-speaking mothers' group that Kathleen and I will lead on 11/6. Please let us know if you have parents in your class that you would like us to call or outreach to.

Minds: Teaching & Learning

Report Cards

ABI report cards open on 11/4/13.

Heads Up- Summer Training

There will be teacher training this summer in the new reading program that we will be adopting. I do not have dates, but my understanding is that you will be compensated by the district and strongly encouraged to attend!

Race Matters

11/7/2013 4:00 PM

Race Matters: Checking and Changing My System for Equity

4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Race Matters: Putting Race on the Table Speaker Series, a free speaker series for teachers, principals, students, parents, Board members, and the community to engage in thoughtful dialogue about race and equity in service of improving teaching and learning

Checking and Changing My Systems for Equity is a tool designed for assessing, advocating for and advancing equity in the everyday practice of educators. In this session, we will practice working with the tool and will examine some school-based situations in which this tool has been effectively used.

Instructional Rounds Report Out

Tom, Linda and I (as well as the instructional rounds team) saw a lot of evidence of teachers and students developing academic discussion skills. We will be discussing more of this at our PD on Weds. with Andy and developing our next steps to take our practice to the next level. Thank you to everyone for being gracious with so many visitors in your rooms. It can be stressful to have so many people watch you teach, but everyone appeared so calm and relaxed!

Fourth Grade Science Books

Sean completed the inventory this week and will bring 36 books next week to complete Swinderman & Wong's class sets. Please let me know if anyone else needs more textbooks.

Writing Units Reminders

In order to create future PD that is built off of our strengths and challenges, please email me the 3 dates you will be trying the 3 mini lessons in the next five weeks by next Weds, 10/14. Linda or I will try to pop in to at least one of these sessions in order to get a sense of how we are doing.

By 11/13:

Read: The Mini Lesson (pages 60-69) in a Guide to the Common Core Writing Workshop

Teach: At least 3 writer's workshop session to your class using the new writing program including: the Mini Lesson, the Independent Writing, and the Conferring

Bring: 3 samples (only 3).

Reflect: Lessons Learned- What builds off of our previous work? What is new? How can this help strengthen our K-5 writing program? How does this program help with your classroom writing program?


New Copy Machine- Not so fast....

Turns out that the new copy machine is actually just a really fancy printer. Howard Kong, our IT parent, is trying to hook it up to our network. We would then be able to print multiples copies to it from our computers. Stay tuned!


We had 10 older model laptops donated to us this week. We are getting them set up so they can access district services (aeries, email, etc.). I will let you know when they are ready to go.

Looking Ahead...

11/5 am Chelsea off site at Instructional Rounds at Crocker Highlands

11/9 PTA Hosted Garden Clean up day

11/6 Staff Meeting (math)

11/13 Staff Meeting (ELA)

11/13 PTA Meeting (Equity Focus)

11/18 Staff Meeting (Nuts & Bolts Operations)

11/20 School Council Meeting