No Drugs

(It Kills)


Speeds you up too much.Your heart rate and breathing speed up.Even your central nervous system will go faster than normal.You will become jittery,shaky,and paranoid.If you take methamphetamine,marijuana,steroids,caffeine,cocaine or ecstasy you are going too fast.


Depressants slow you down.This time it decreases the function of the brain,respiration and your heart rate lowers.You could become sleepy and have relaxed muscles. Slurred speech,confusion and bad concentration are other effects. If you take barbiturates,sedatives,tranquilizers and alcohol you are going too slow


Inhalants are breathable chemicals.They could be common household products.It could cause brain damage,slurred speech and loss of consciousness. You will also become nauseous, with dizziness and vomiting. If you breath in only aerosols,cleaning fluid,gasoline and cooking sprays then you are being poisoned.


Narcotics contain opium substances.Some are legal and some are illegal. If you take morphine, demoral, codeine, oxycontin or vicodin doctors are giving them to you to relieve pain.If you take heroin or opium,though,they are illegal and are too addictive.


Hallucinogens are mind altering-drugs.It can cause hallucinations,flashbacks and visual and auditory breakdowns. If you take PCP,ketamine or certain mushrooms such as shrooms you are hallucinating.


Medicines are safe.They are used to treat illnesses.If you can buy them in the store they are fine.If you take aspirin