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January 17, 2022

Educating every child for confidence today and contribution tomorrow.

The Dieringer School District will provide all students with appropriate high-quality programs in a safe, challenging and inclusive school environment. This mission will be undertaken with respect for and in partnership with families and the community.

A Message from the Superintendent

This message is a short video. Click on the link below for an update.

Thank you,

Michael Farmer


New Test to Stay Forms

As detailed in the video with the change in guidance around who is and isn't eligible for Test-to-Stay, we have new forms available. For those of you that have not already returned a signed Test-to-Stay form for your child, please download the form below and send it school with your child.

The parent consent form will also be utilized for students who test positive for Covid and are returning to school after 5 full days (from the date symptoms began), or after the date of testing if no symptoms develop. Your child must meet the health criteria described in the Test-to-Stay Program as well as have the signed consent form on file to participate and return to school on day 6.

Our current forms on file will suffice if you have already turned one in. Please take a moment to review the changes on the new form regarding student eligibility for Test-to-Stay. The consent to test section is the same.

NEW Test-to-Stay Forms

Dieringer School District Student COVID 19 Testing Consent Form

Thoughts on In-Person and Remote Board Meetings

The Dieringer School District Board of Directors is considering a return to in-person meetings and would like to hear from you. The convenience of remote meetings has drastically increased community attendance at our board meetings and it is important that we maintain convenient access to board meetings for the community. Please share your thoughts by completing this short survey. https://forms.gle/Uknp2yWoct938VCK6

Going Above and Beyond

Terry Woodall has been a registered nurse for 40 years. She has dedicated the past 16 years to the Dieringer School District and works hard with many other specialists to provide services and care to the students. While student care plans and day-to-day concerns are still an important part of her job, much of her time these days is focused on Covid. In keeping students, staff, and families safe and informed, she must stay up-to-date on the ever-changing guidelines from the Tacoma Pierce County Health Department, as well as the Washington State Department of Health.

Keeping kids in school has been the priority as she, and other district staff, have developed policies and procedures to do just that. The district was successful in implementing its Test-to-Stay program, which includes schoolwide procedures, as well as hiring and training new staff. The district has also created a respiratory protection program, which includes fit-testing of N95 masks for staff considered at high risk for contracting Covid. These past three school years have been challenging, but Terry—and many other specialists in the district—have gone above and beyond to support the many people who spend their days in the schools.

Levy Information Night

We are hosting a Community Forum, on January 19th at 6:00 pm, to share information on Propositions 1, 2, and 3 on the February 8th voter ballot. Join us on Zoom with https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81637268049.

We're inviting you to participate in a ThoughtExchange ahead of the Community Forum to ensure as many questions are answered as possible during our presentation. Please give us some feedback to tailor our presentation to provide as much information as we can. Use https://tejoin.com/scroll/774836779 to access the exchange and get information on how an exchange works.

ThoughtExchange - Levy Information Night

To access the ThoughtExchange please join us here with the link.

Remember to Vote

Election Day is February 8th and Dieringer has three propositions on the ballot. Proposition 1 is a replacement of our existing Educational Programs and Operations Levy. Proposition 2 is also a replacement levy for our current Technology Levy. Proposition 3 is a new Capital Levy to make much needed upgrades to all three schools, including turf fields, important HVAC replacements and upgrades, energy efficiency improvements, and more. While Proposition 3 is a new levy, it replaces an expiring bond that comes off the books at the end of 2022. Overall, the tax rate for Dieringer citizens would stay the same in 2023 (when collection on these three levies would begin). More information is available at https://www.dieringer.wednet.edu/our-district/vote.

We Are Dieringer

Take a look at the video below in our We Are Dieringer series. https://youtu.be/wZfRWWmqwwU
We are Dieringer

YouTube Video

January & February School Board Meetings

Meeting schedule, public comment, and minutes information can be found on the website.

  • Monday, January 31st : Regular Board Meeting
  • Friday February 4th : Special Board Meeting - Board Retreat
  • Monday, February 28th : Regular Board Meeting