Joanne D'arc

A biography by: Todd Terry

Basic Information

Joan of arc was born in France on January 6th, 1412. She was born to Isabelle and Jacques D'arc. Her siblings were Jean, Pierre, Jacquen , and Catherine D'arc. She never had any kids and died by burning in Roue, France on May 30, 1431
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As a child she was very religious. At only 12 years old she had direct contact with saints. She was very brave, in fact, she joined the army at only 16!

During the war and after

In May of 1428 She applied to join King Charles in the War against Great Britain. That April she was provided with many men and carried many emblems, such as her flags and banners, that she used to rouse her soldiers. She found her sword in the Church of Sainte-Catherine-de-Fierbois. She soon took over the fortress of Saint Loupon and captured the fortress of Saint Jean le blanc. On May 4 She got the members of the town to lift the gate outside of town, and won the battle of Orleans.

Her downfall

On May 30, 1431 she was accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake in Roue, France. Although she is dead today she is still making changes. She was a huge activist on Women's rights and believed one day everyone would be equal.
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Why I chose her

She is a true hero, she survived many things that would be impossible in her time. She was shot through the neck and survived. She was accused of using witchcraft for using Christ to rouse her men and talking to saint catherine.
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