Spinal Cord

By Jenna, Gavin, and Kaylee


What do I look like?

I look like a long, thick curvy stack of rings.

Where am I located?

In between on the cranium and the pelvis.

What are five interesting facts about the Spinal Cord?

a) I am the main nerve in the body.

b) I carry nerves from the body to the brain.

c) a bunch of thick rings called vertebrae protect me

d) in between the vertebrae is a squishy material called cartaledge.

e) when injured, I will make you paralyzed

What body system do I work with?

I transfer information between the brain and organ systems to ensure everything is working right. The brain can send messages through into the organ systems or do certain things.

What did I learn?

I have learned that the body is special and that we should take care of it.

What is my job in the human body?

I get my commands from the brain. The central nervous system and peripheral nervous system work together to allow your brain to control you body's many function, which includes 3 imported areas.

What other organs are involved in my body system?

I am involved with the brain and nerves.

What am I important?

Because, I send sgnals to the body from the brain. If it's hot I say let go. If it's cold I say let go or its ok.


If you cut your spinal cord from that spot down you are peralased from that. But in some cases it can heel. Say you break your neck and you cut your spinal cord your brain can't send commands to your lungs to breath and your heart to beet so you died.

4,860 people died of sustain spinal cord injurys before getting to the hospital.

50% of injuries in the neck, affecting the ability to breathe as well as upper body and lower body function. Found @ www.shrinershopitsforchildern.org

80% of these spinal cord injuryes after the age of 12 men.

Some pictures

The Spinal Cord is protected by the spine


"Don't try stupid stunts. Be smart about how you act with your back." -Jenna Strei