Rice Cupcakes Bakery

Word in the town is the Delicious Rice cupcakes


Rice Cupcake Bakery recently became apart of the small town of Friendswood TX. The Bakery is just now being discovered by fellow towns people and business is booming for this bakery. I interviewed a couple of customers and this is what one said about this small town bakery, "Tried Rise Cupcakes for the 1st time this weekend and just love this place. Delish chocolate and strawberry cupcakes plus friendly, smiling staff."

Drought in Montana Causes Wheat Plant Fatility

Wheat Rises 150% Due to the Drought in Montana

Huge drought in Montana cause numerous amounts of wheat plants to die. The wheat price rises by 150% causing the flour price to rise as well as demand for flour to increase raising the price. This is bad news for Rise Bakery as flour is a main ingredient to there delicious cupcakes

Oil Industry crashes and is still on the decline effect many in the Houston area

Friendswoods economy takes a hit as a good portion of the towns people work in the oil and gas indusry

The over production of oil has had a great impact on the oil and gas industry lowering the demand for the good. It has not only affected people globally but on a state and city scale in the U.S. Friendswood being one of the smaller city who has taken a hit and the workers that are in that industry who live in the city have taken an salary cut. This has effected the sales of Rise bakery causing the demand for there cupcakes to drop.

The crash of the oil industry cuaseing people to move for other jobs

Friendswood takes another hit as towns people begin to move out for other job oppertunity

With the oil and gas industry being so low many company's are going under or cutting many employees. Since many towns people form Friendswood work in this field they are being laid off. Thus forcing them to find other job that are outside of the Friendswood area and move to there job area location.

Rainfall predicted to hit Montana after a 6 month drought

Wheat industry cost should lower if rainfall lands in Montana as predicted

News forcasters have predicted rainfall to hit Montana within the next couple of days. This is what farmers are praying for so they can begin to replant there wheat after a 6 month drought. This is good news for Rise bakery as the demand for the cupcakes will be higher due to the drop price in the wheat being a main ingredent which directly relates to the drop in there cupcakes