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Issue 6 Volume 15.16

Getting to Know the Department

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Matt Macarthur (Science Virtual School Teacher)

Working in Aldine has been a great experience for me. I moved here to student teach even though I’d actually never set foot in Texas. After graduation, I decided to completely uproot myself and stick around here for awhile. The idea of not having to shovel my car out of snow was a large motivator along with great people and learning a new place.

I graduated with a psychology degree and ended up teaching science, which I am completely ok with. The online programs I’ve had a chance to work with while here completely changed my life personally and professionally, starting with Moodle. I was given the opportunity to integrate devices into my class around 4 years ago, and I’ve never looked back. Getting into online teaching seemed like the next logical step.

Having the opportunity to work with teachers across the district now has been a blessing for me. Every day provides new challenges and successes to take on, and being surrounded by a great team sure helps with that.

On the personal side, I enjoy the outdoors and getting out to see the world around us. I’ve taken a few road trips around the country (thanks to being a teacher!) and plan to get the last few of the 50 states in the next year. Alaska is the only tricky one! If anyone feels the need to throw a frisbee, hike, climb or do anything outside count me in.

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Student Course Completions!

These are the students who have completed courses this week alone! The list grows by the hour!

  • Congratulations to Tommie Barkley who has the highest number of completions in the district!
  • Congratulations to Stuart Appleton who is a close second for the highest number of completions in the district!
  • Congratulations to Elvin Price who is the third teacher with the highest number of completions in the district!

*If you have a student who has completed by October 9nd and is not shown on the list, please contact Isabel Hejazi (ishejazirodriguez@aldineisd.org)

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Shanaya's Corner

Virtual School Updates

Thank you for all your support to Virtual School and to the teachers who have worked collaboratively with the VS Teachers to ensure student success.

In order to better serve our students, please add the student phone numbers to your spreadsheet to assist with you to contact the students and/or parents.

Also,the Driver's Ed flyers all be arriving to your lab soon. Please make sure all student receive this information.

Erin's Corner

Edgenuity Reminders

I wanted to thank all the teachers for marking their courses complete on Edgenuity once the students have completed 100% of the course! There has been a huge improvement on the documentation from last year, so good job on that!

If you need to email me (Erin McPheters) with any Edgenuity issue with a particular student, please include this on your email:

1. Issue

2. Course name

3. Part of the lesson

4. Student name

5. Student ID

This will help expedite the process.

Start and End Dates on Edgenuity

Always double check that the start and end dates are accurate in Edgenuity. These dates are crucial in determining the grade of the student. The start date should be the date the student first logged into the course. The end date should be 9 weeks after the start date. All the students have 9 weeks to complete the course. All courses in Edgenuity are designed to be completed on a 9 week period.

The dates do not have to coincide with the start and end date of the semester and/or the 9 weeks in the Aldine Academic Calendar. Also, take into consideration holidays when you are setting the start and end dates.

Student Extension Application

When the student does not complete the online course by the 9 weeks, he/she must apply for an extension. This extension document is called the Success Support Documentation Application (SSDA). Please click on the link below to see the application.

The student will complete the SSDA which requires a conference with the teacher. During this short conference, you will talk about what the student can do to complete the course. Then, their parents must also sign the form. The student must also write 10 sentences explaining why they are behind and how they will change their behavior in order to change the results.

You should not wait until the student has completed the paperwork to allow the student to work on their course. The student must continue working on their course and once they have turned in the paperwork, you can adjust the dates on Edgenuity to reflect the extension.

This form allows the student to know that they are behind and that they must earn their extension. You will grant the extension to all the students; however, we want them to feel that the extension is a privilege.

I (Isabel Hejazi) will send a video so you can show your students where I explicate what the SSDA process is and what steps they need to take.

To view the Success Support Documentation Application click here.
I am also including the link to the video that you will show your students on Thursday, October 15 and October 16. This link is on YouTube and I know some schools cannot view them. I will also send the video on a MP4 format via email.
Extension Explanation

Student Highlight at Lane (by Adorian Goodwill)

The effects Edgenuity is having on our GAP students here at LANE is phenomenal!

One of our high school students that was struggling with reading and writing skills has progressed significantly with the Spanish course in Edgenuity. He is eager to log on, watch the videos, and continue his lessons.

I am so excited for him that I enjoy the lessons with him as well. Edgenuity really gives him confidence when he gets 100% on his attempts. This is really helping his behavior and gives him a positive outlook on his success in school. Thanks again for your support and diligence on making sure students and teachers are benefiting the most from this program.

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If you have a story about a student who you would like to highlight, please send it to Isabel Hejazi (ishejazirodriguez@aldineisd.org)

PLC Meeting for October

The PLC Meeting for October will be on Thursday, October 15th at 3:30 pm. This meeting will be a virtual meeting. Please register on Eportal for the session.

To register, please click here.

These are the Go To Meeting Instructions:

1. Make sure that you are at a computer that has audio and preferably a camera..

2. Visit the website gotomeeting.com

3. Select Join a meeting

4. Type in the Access Code 621-324-589

5. Be prompt and prepared to the meeting. (READ THE OLLD NEWSLETTERS)


6. If you are unable to connect to a computer, you can also use your phone and converse with us.

7. From your phone dial the number (224) 501-3412

8. It will require an access code, click 621-324-589

Online Learning Lab Survey

Thank you for all of the teachers who have completed the Online Learning Lab Survey. We want to grow as a department and we need to know which areas we need to improve on. If you have not filled the survey, please click here to complete it.

We will share the results once more teachers have completed the surveys.


Thank you for all the lab teachers who have updated their spreadsheets. Remember that your SLOs are now linked to the data on your spreadsheets, so it is vital that you update them weekly.

There have been several teachers who have sent and/or shared with me their own spreadsheet. Every teacher must complete the information on the master teacher spreadsheet copy. I am including a video on how to input your data on the master copy.

Please click here for the master copy.


Who do I contact?

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Events Coming Up

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There are many teachers doing wonderful things in their labs that not everybody gets to see. Thus, we will use this section to celebrate great teachers.

If you would like to add a shout-out to a teacher or anybody in the Online Learning Department, please email shout-outs to ishejazirodriguez@aldineisd.org

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