What's Happening in Mitchell PACE

Volume 2- October

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Room F101

1st grade

We've read A Snake is Totally Tail by Judi Barrett. This book focuses on alliteration. Students are in the process of creating a new page(s) for the book by writing sentences using alliteration about an animal of their choice. They will be ready to share soon.

2nd grade

Students have finished defining 3-5 idioms of their choice. They are in the process of creating a presentation to share with each other. Once complete, I will send you their presentations as well. They are quite excited!

3rd grade

Who dunnit? We are trying to crack the case of the Chocolate Caper! Students have eliminated a few suspects by taking a look at fingerprints and other evidence. They will be identifying generalizations and reasons why they may not be true. Then students will be distinguishing between valid conclusions and generalizations to see if we can eliminate any more suspects.

4th grade

Students have discussed architectural concepts such as forces, loads, shapes, and materials, as well as completed several hand-on activities where they could put that new knowledge to test. We are in the process of experimenting with certain structures such as domes, columns, skyscrapers, and bridges. Be sure to ask them about structures they've built.

5th grade

Students have created short presentations about a specific amendment of the Bill of Rights and shared with the class. They have participated in their first debate where they had to represent the Founding Fathers and Colonists or King George, Parliament, and the Loyalists. Now we're ready to delve into some cases, both fictional and factual, involving the 1st amendment to the U.S. Constitution. They will have to justify opposing points of view, identify facts, interpret documents, etc.