Robert Havighurst


Short Bio:

Robert was born in the United States in 1900. He published his work in 1940 while working at the University of Chicago.
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What he did:

He organized a series of developmental tasks for children that he believed to be most easily learned at certain ages. These development tasks are requirements that an individual must accomplish at each stage of life before going to the next stage.

He found six major stages in a humans life from birth to old age.

  • Infancy & early childhood (Birth till 6 years old)
  • Middle childhood (6–13 years old)
  • Adolescence (13–18 years old)
  • Early Adulthood (19–30 years old)
  • Middle Age (30-60years old)
  • Later maturity (60 years old and over)

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How is it useful?

His research helped form the education system we have today. It also helps caregivers be able to better understand the child or children they are working with.