3rd six weeks project

By: Nancy Aguilar

Sensory language

Language that connects to the 5 senses ( sight, sound, smell, taste, touch ) to create an image or description.

Ex. Sight - the tree moving back and forth. Sound - listening to music. Smell - the smell of turkey on thanksgiving day. Taste - the taste of flowers in the air. Touch - the feel of your warm hands.

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The time, place, and conditions in which the actions of a book movie, etc. takes place. The place and conditions in which something happens or exists.

Ex. Monday, December 7th, 2015 in the Alvarado Jr. High School at 5:00 pm. we threw a party for the whole school.

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5 w's graphic organizer

A chart to help you organize you ideas for your story.

Ex. who, what, when, where, why

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Hook Statement

It makes the reader want to read and finish the story they are reading.

Ex. Trinity's life has changed ever since she got in a car crash, unfortunately her parents weren't as lucky.

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Helps you organize all you information for you story.