Civil War Overview

A very emotional war (

The final product...

After looking over the pictures, topic summary videos, and war strategies you will have all 8 of the boxes filled on your paper. If you were not in class on day one, we folded the paper "hamburger style" and then "hot dog style" to end up with 4 sections on each side. Each item will be placed in a different box.

We discussed using picture details to determine time, place, and view point. We also completed 2 picture analysis together in class (not included on your paper). Should you have any questions about this, see me or a friend.

3D Photography

Click here: Website link for pictures

Choose 3 pictures to view. Include the following for each picture:

  • Title
  • Event Summary (Is it a battle? If so, who won? You may need to look up this information.)
  • What details do you see?
  • What emotions show / are evident?

Civil War Videos

Click here: Website link for videos

  • Choose 3 videos to watch.
  • Create a thinking map for each video to summarize the information in the video.

Civil War Battle Strategy

Download the game ACW 1864 Free to your iPad. After playing the game, explain what your strategy was and if your strategy worked. If it did not work, give an idea of what you could have done differently.

The personal, emotional side of war

Watch the video below. The password for the video below is Stembershistory.

  1. What are your impressions of the soldiers in the pictures?
  2. What are your impressions of the war scenes?
  3. Why was this considered such an American tragedy?
  4. What is your first thought when you see the ending slide?