Spagetti Project

By: Raiven, Raygen, Mayleen, Ashley, and Toula


Volume of Meatballs- 1cm^3

Volume of Container- 45cm^3


We can fit less than 45 meatballs in the pot.

How many Meatballs we have - 55

How many we are putting in the container - 43

How much sauce we have- 50 mL


1st Try- we put 43 meatballs and 50 mL of sauce in the pot and there wasn't enough meatballs to fill the pot.

2nd Try- We ended with 80 meatballs to fill the pot that had 50 mL of sauce.


We did 45 - 2.5 = 42.5 (cm) on the first try then on the 2nd try we did 1cm=1mL.