The Pamlico Sound


The Pamlico Sound is located to the eastern side of North Carolina. The sound is also the largest of estuaries in North Carolina.


The Pamlico Sound is extremely important. It provides a lot of food, and other goods to the people living in the sound. It is a very good for trading goods with others.




Flowers are on of the most beautiful things in the sound. They bring color and life to the Pamlico Sound. Everyone I have ever talked to agrees that the flowers are the most beautiful thing in the sound.


Believe it or not, but the trees on the sound are absolutely gorgeous. Especially when the sun is going down and it makes these bright, lovely colors that compliment the natural beauty of the trees.


The biggest threat to the Pamlico Sound, is us humans. We release all these pollutants, and we throw trash into the water and are destroying Earth's beauty. Global Warming, pollution, and human activity are the real threats to the Pamlico Sound.

Connecting Rivers and Streams:

  • Neuse River
  • Bay River
  • South River,+North+Carolina/@34.895582,-76.6128802,12z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x89a5c0ae609bfc9f:0x18f524f6bfdb6495

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