Ebola Outbreak

Brenna Stevenson, Claire Carter

Ebola Outbreak in the United States

Thomas Eric Duncan brought the Ebola disease into Dallas traveling back from Liberia. The Ebola disease had its worst outbreak in history in 2014 and has infected people in the United States in Dallas, New York, and Omaha.

Causes of Ebola: Contact with bodily fluids of patients who have Ebola or any contact with the virus.

Prevention: Avoid areas that have a recent out brake of Ebola, wash hands frequently, do not eat meat from areas that have Ebola, avoid contact with people who have the virus and do not handle the remains.

Updated news: Dallas, Texas is Ebola free. A race for a cure is on against scientists to help lives on Africa struggling with the disease.

American Hospital Procedures: Healthcare workers must go through extensive training before dealing with Ebola patients and must wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) at all times.

News Bulletins: The AMR provided a bulletin on the preparation of patient transport.

The New England Journal Of Medicine

Primary Source

The Journal of Medicine contains everything about Ebola, including stats and statistics over the progress of patients and the contamination of the virus.

Questions regarding ebola

1. Where did the virus originate from?

2. What animal do scientists believe the virus comes from?

3. How can you prevent Ebola?

4. Who brought Ebola to America?

5. Why do patients have to be put in contamination away from other people?