No Two Bonuses are Alike

No Two Bonuses are Alike New ambitious policy

No Two Bonuses are Alike New ambitious policy at BetVoyager online casino

On the 20th of January 2015, BetVoyager will launch a series of incredible new roulette tournaments with guaranteed prize funds of 5000, 25,000, 50,000, and 100,000 Euros. The total annual prize pool will come to 355,000 Euros.

Unlike many other bonuses that are offered by gambling portals, BetVoyager will give their players a chance to win real money. A randomness/fairness control system also guarantees no intervention in the game by the casino.

To attract players, casinos create rules and conditions for winning bonuses.

These bonuses can grouped into the following categories:

1.Bonus- 1st Deposit- the casino will give a player a bonus on their first deposit

2.Bonus- Repeating – the casino will give a player bonuses on their second and third deposits

3.Bonus- Birthday- the casino will give a player a special bonus on their birthday so they can come in and celebrate

4.Bonus - Reminder-If player gets distracted by life, the casino will remind them about playing by sending a bonus for them to get back in the game

5.Bonus-Social Media -For different promotions on the casino’s social media sites, players may receive a bonus for winning a competition, Liking or Following the casino

6.Bonus- Free Spins- For slots or roulette, a company may give their player free spins, and the money they win may be real money or bonus money that comes with some terms

7.Bonus- Match Bonus-Whatever amount the player deposits, the casino will match it

8.Bonus-Cashback - These bonuses can be given on certain days or time periods where the player will get a % back of the money they lost

9.Bonus-Refer a friend-For most casinos, an award is given to people that bring friends/clients to the casino

10.Bonus-Payment system-This bonus is given to people that use a certain type of payment system to deposit money

Each bonus has its own wager.

The new management team at plans to have an evidence-based approach in showing their players a level of entertainment and enjoyment that has never been seen before.

In addition to this, has unique in-house even chance games which have never been offered in the past by any other internet casinos. These games with 100% pay-outs give players a real fair and excellent mathematical chance of winning.

Along with the bonuses, Bet Voyager allows players to test two different types of fairness control systems to convince players of a safe and honest experience, which guarantees a fair game.

Aside from the bonuses, which will be available at in January 2015, BetVoyager has created its own bonus - an attractive one-of-a-kind series of tournaments with guaranteed prize pots of €5,000, €25,000, €50,000 and €100,000, with a total prize pool of €355,000.

During the tournament, players will be able to chat live with BetVoyager managers who will explain and clarify every question that the players may have, as well as show evidence that BetVoyager uses only fair algorithms.

BetVoyager invites you to the following tournaments:

Roulette bonus-tournament – 20th of January 2015 – €5,000

Roulette bonus-tournament – 10th of February 2015 – €25,000

Roulette bonus-tournament – April 2015 – €25,000

Roulette bonus-tournament – June 2015 – €50,000

Roulette bonus-tournament – August 2015 – €50,000

Roulette bonus-tournament – October 2015 – €100,000

Roulette bonus-tournament – December 2015 – €100,000

The amount of participants that can take part in the tournament will be limited. Priority will be given to those players who are registered users on, and who actively take part in promotions.

To take part in this tournament with the total prize pool of €355,000 at Bet Voyager, a player must register on the site, apply to take part in the tournament, show activity on the portal, receive an invite from the Bet Voyager team, or have a membership in the BetVoyager Club

Applications for the tournament will be accepted from December 2014. More information about the tournament can be found at

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