East of Eden Biblical Allusions

English 2 Pre-AP, 2nd Period, Group 3

Jezebel (Austyne Chetwood)

Jezebel wasn’t stupid, she thought of her actions; She had a feisty personality but she was also very deceptive. A lot of people of people defined her as some other things but she was mainly vengeful towards Elijah for killing her protégés. Jezebel’s name was meant to determine what she is suppose to fulfill in her life. Jezebel means prostitute. She was a murderer who killed the prophets of Yahweh, she also disregarded the rights of the common man, and defied Elijah and Elisa in return they killed her apprentice. She has come to be known as an archetype of wicked women. She was a woman of fierce energy and tried to kill people who opposed her. She was the daughter of the king Ethbaal and when she married Ahab she persuaded him into worshipping the tyranny god Baal-Merket.

The Serpent/Devil (Alex Macias)

  • Found in:

    • The Garden of Eden- Holy Garden with God’s animals and creations, it is where the story of Adam and Eve take place. The Serpent deceives Eve, and persuades her to take a bite out of an apple, the Forbidden Fruit. Her husband, trusts her action, and also eats the Forbidden fruit.

  • What the Serpent Alludes to:

    • The serpent represents The Original Sin- or the evils and temptations. The devil used the serpent’s body as an “instrument of evil,” although it is technically the devil controlling the snake/serpent, the serpent still enabled the devil.

    • Serpent refers to Satan and the “curses” associated with it. It is both a lesson, and an example of what not to do.

    • In the story of, Adam and Eve, The serpent is a method of temptation for Adam in Eve. Adam and Eve are husband and wife, in the Garden of Eden. The serpent tempts them to distrust God, and his goodness, and Sin.

Responsibilities show he does not have what it takes. Later on this dispute leads the two brothers in a disagreement and Esau vows to kill Jacob, so he flees to a distant land to work for a relative. Jacob does not immediately receive his father's inheritance. Jacob having fled for his life leaves behind the wealth of Isaac's flocks and land in Esau's hands. Later on how ever Jacob eventually becomes so rich as to incite the envy of laban and laban's sons.

Other Names:

  • Serpent/Snake

  • Devil

  • Saton

Abraham and Isaac (Shelby Priscak)

Abraham feared yet obeyed God and his Commandments. With this, God promised to consecrate him greatly in return. He provided him with land, cattle, and precious silver and gold. He also decided to bestow upon him a son during his older age. Abraham fell in love with this child whom he decided to name Isaac. He fell so much in love, that God intended to try him, and to see if he still loved God above everyone else. Abraham was instructed one day by God to bind his son Isaac on an altar in Mount Moriah, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Abraham believed God meant no harm, and if he was told to kill his son, he would bring him back to life. However, Abraham was stopped by an angel before he slayed his son and was given a ram. After this event, Abraham symbolized obedience, while Isaac symbolized the martyr in Judaism. The building of Mount Moriah invoked the binding of Abraham’s son as a source of benefactor where God is asked to remember Abraham’s faithfulness to show mercy to his children. The sound of the ram’s horn, also known as shofar, is meant to evoke remembrance during the New Year.

Jacob and Esau (Zach Landau)

Jacob and Esau are brothers that focus on Esau's loss of his birthright to jacob and the conflict that had spawned between their descendant nations because of Jacob's deception of their aged and blind father isaac. Esau returned to his brother being famished from the fields he begged his twin brother to give him some “red pottage” jacob offered to give Esau a bowl of stew in exchange for his birthright(the right to be recognized as first born) and Esau agreed.The birthright has to do with inheritance of goods and position both. Esau acts impulsively as he did not value his birthright giving it up over a bowl of stew. By this action esau demonstrates that he does not deserve to be the one who continues abrahams. Over time esau realizes what has happened to him and he becomes very mad and threatens jacob. Jacob then goes off to a distant land to work for a relative leaving behind wealth of isaacs flocks. Jacob is forced to work for ends meat, however despite this jacob becomes wealthy in the end from esau giving him his birthright.

Job (Noah Watkins)

Job was a wealthy man with large flocks, living in the land called Uz. Job was a righteous, blameless man and was careful to avoid doing evil. One day satan appeared before God in heaven and God tells satan of how faithful and true Job is. Satan argues that job has only been faithful because of how much God has blessed him. Satan asks for God’s permission to test Job’s faithfulness and is granted permission with the only condition being: that satan is forbidden to take Job’s life in the process. Over the course of a single day Job receives 4 separate messages that his livestock, servants, and 10 children have all died due to invaders or natural catastrophes, Job shreds his clothes and shaves the hair from his head in mourning, but he continues blessing God in his prayers, Satan returns to heaven and God grants him another chance to test the extent of Job’s faithfulness for God. This time Job grows terribly ill getting terrible skin sores, his wife even encourages him to curse God and to accept his fate and just die, refusing he continues to love God. The following week three of Job’s friends come to visit him, they sit in silence for a week out of respect for his mourning, on the 7th day Job speaks wishing he had never been born and states that he feels light only worsens his condition, his friends propose that Job may have committed sin and is now being punished for it, they say that Job’s kids deserved what they got and that he may still have more punishment coming. He scorns them and believes that there is a redeemer in heaven that will believe, and plead his innocence. Job doesn't understand God’s plan and seeks a way to communicate with God. Though he knows God does not appear in the flesh. God interrupts the men talking to Job and speaks to Job through a whirlwind, demanding Job answers his questions, God’s questions are rhetorical intending to prove to Job how little he knows about God’s creation. God describes how immense his power is through the examples of two large beasts the behemoth and the leviathan. Job acknowledges God’s unlimited power and apologizes for his narrow human like thinking, this pleases God. In return for Job keeping his faith to God, he blesses Job with renewed health, twice as much property than before, new children and an extremely prolonged life.

In Hebrew, Job means: “the persecuted one”

In Arabic, Job means: “repentant one”

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Jacob and Esau (Zach Landau)

Job (Noah Watkins)