Submissive Men - Redemptive Men

Submission: A Core Value

Romans 13: 1

Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities.

For there is no authority except from God, & the

authorities that exist are appointed by God.

Gateway's Core Value:

We embrace God's ultimate position of authority (Jesus is the head of the church) & God's plan for local delegate authority. We will adhere to the principles of submission & honor authority at all levels of the organization. We will operate within the integrity of our authority structure. We will allow appeal with a right spirit within our established protocol.

Three (3) Basic Reasons for Submitting:

1. God is the Source of All Authority

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A Closer look:

Provide a working definition of "authority."

What do these verses tell us about authority?

How do they relate to us as men?


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A Closer look:

What principle can we take from these verses?

Can doing good ever be sacrificial? If so, how might that be possible?

What makes trusting God, who has never let us down, so difficult?
- How can we minimize the tension in order to facilitate trusting Him?


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A Closer look:

Can being a submissive man really demonstrate God's favor?
- If so, list a couple of ways the favor is manifested in or through us.

Why would God want to demonstrate His favor on us?
(What could be the purpose of it?)


Submission is an authority test.

When we submit, we allow Him to work redemptively even if we may not see the redemption in our lifetime. It's a matter of trusting Him (not our authority).

As with blessing us, submission is never only about us. It is a process of preparing us to be an ultimate blessing to others.

In the objective of submission lies the Father’s desire to redeem others through us. You are to designed to bless and to be a blessing.

It is here, that as submissive men, we permit Him to make us redemptive men just like Jesus.

Jesus submission, “Father not my will but Yours be done,” resulted in our redemption. Our submission perpetuates that redemptive effect in others’ lives. That is why a submissive man is a redemptive man.

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