By Jack


Have you ever wondered about technology? Then this is the spot for you! In this piece you will be learning about downloads, companies, Internet, games, and money!
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First up is downloads. Downloading something just means getting something on a device, but don't download the wrong things, because they can have viruses. Also, don't download too much because your device is limited. What you should do is look for secure sites!
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There are many companies who manufactures devices. I honestly suggest Microsoft, but there is also Asus, Apple, LG, Android, and Kindle.
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The Internet is a good tool to find research, but you also have to be careful about your personal information, because there are hackers, which are basically cyber criminals.

Also a lot is people use it, some of them even put games on it!

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Games is a fun topic, there are actually over one million games to play! Games are usually online, sometimes even worldwide! But some games you can just play solo. Games usually cost 40 to 150 dollars!
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The final topic is money. You can pay online, which I think is easier. You can donate online, also easier, and you can buy things online, as in games or food. If any website begins with https, it is safe.
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Thanks for Reading!

If you have ever wondered about technology, I hope this helped. You have to be safe with technology because your info is now open to the world.
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