Tech It Out! 1/27/16

This Week: Twitter, NICE MiniCon, Feedback Tools

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Looking for an online teaching tool? Take a look at my RESOURCES page for ideas!

Lincoln Tech Updates

There have been 130 #D57Lincoln tweets this year! Take a minute to check out what's going on in other classrooms on Lincoln's Twitter page. We have over 100 followers, and every week or so we get even more. What a great chance to showcase the awesome things you all do with your students!

Thank you to Elizabeth, Becky, and Sue who tweet on a regular basis. Are you interested in trying Twitter? Get in touch with me or take a look at this great tutorial. It's easier than ever to take a picture in class and post it online. Just remember to include #D57Lincoln!

Google It!

Have Saturday open and $5? Check out the NICE miniCon in Skokie! There are lots of sessions designed to help you unleash the tech savvy in you. Learn about gamification, STEAM and robotics, Google everything, and all sorts of tech tools to put in your toolbox.

Feedback Tools Tutorials

So many tech tools are thrown our way, sometimes it's hard to remember how each one works. Here is a useful playlist with tutorial videos on 10 feedback tools! Refresh your memory on GoFormative, Dotstorming, TodaysMeet, Padlet, and more!
  • ALL learning is Twitter-worthy! Send me pictures or invite me in!
  • Have your students created projects we can showcase on the Commons TV? Send it my way!
  • Want to learn more about integrating technology in the classroom? Let's schedule a meeting!
  • Planning an upcoming lesson you'd like help with? I'm happy to co-plan and co-teach!