World War II

By:Adithya Kari

How did one conflict cause other conflicts.

With Germany started to invade countries but what caused the sparked the war was when Germany invaded Poland. Other reasons where when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor which in turned caused the US to enter the war. These conflicts cause these other actions to happen.
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Critical events of World War II

One important event that happened is when Germany invaded Poland which caused the start of World War II. Another important event is the bombing of Pearl Harbor which caused the US to enter the war. Also one more event is the dropping of nukes on Japan which in turn made Japan drop out of the war.Another event is D-day which gave the allied troops a better hold on European ground. And the last event is when Germany surrendered because this is when the war finally ended.
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Ideas that evolved into change

An idea at the time was Nazim which was created by the German government and Adolf Hitler. Nazim is a set of political beliefs associated with the Nazi Party of Germany. Nazim started in the 1920s. The Party gained power in 1933, starting the Third Reich. They lasted in Germany until 1945, at the end of World War II.
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Cometing ideas that impacted the independence movement

When Hitler started to kill the Jews, some Jews and Germans come together to try to save each other and they created a small independence movement.