Viking E-BLAST

November 11, 2013


This past weekend All Saints Episcopal School hosted a Girls Basketball Tournament. Congratulations to our 7th Grade A Team for taking 2nd Place in the tournament! Special thanks to our coaches, parents, and students who helped put on this tournament, volunteered to work a shift, and/or cleaned up afterwards. It was a great success and a wonderful community event!


Happy Veterans Day! We were honored this morning in chapel to welcome many veterans and guests for a special Veterans Day service. Led by the members of the 8th Grade U.S. Military History Class, we heard meaningful scripture, quotes from great leaders, and sang patriotic songs. We are grateful for those guests who took the time to join us and allowed us to honor and thank them for their service to our country. Please click on the link below for a brief slideshow of photos from chapel.


Wow - 5th Graders are B-U-S-Y getting ready for their Native American Indian projects! Lots of activity has been going on in the Gathering Area, constructing authentic living spaces, creating native dress outfits, and researching the history of Native American tribes. All 4C's are well represented (CRITICAL THINKING, CREATIVITY, COMMUNICATION, and COLLABORATION) as the small groups work together in the true spirit of 21st Century learning practices. The excitement and enthusiasm is palpable! 5th Graders will be presenting the projects to their teachers and classmates in December. More photos to come!

Native American Language