Counselor Corner

Quarter 3 - Jamie Wieck

Welcome Back!!

During Q2 I was able to develop an academic group and work with students on their lack of motivation towards their education. These students where chosen based upon their core academic class grades (D's and C's). Some students will be able to exit the group due to their improvements during Q2. However, the students who have maintained D's and C's will remain in group. If they are failing more than two classes they will move towards a Tier 2 group (CICO).

As Q3 approaches, I plan on continuing the Game Changers with the same group of students. Academic Group will include some new students based upon Q2 grades. I will also begin a Test-Taking/Study Skills Group for each grade level, especially with PARCC approaching.

Below is a list of each group below with a brief description. These will not include student names.


A big thank you to the 8th grade team for allowing me to complete some Guidance Lesson's with the entire 8th grade! We completed a Career Cluster Inventory to prepare them for high school and we completed a lesson on RESPECT!

I would also like to thank Mary Sussman for allowing me to conduct Growth Mindset lessons with her students on Friday's. It's been great!

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I would love to do more guidance lessons with each team! If you are interested in having me conduct a guidance lesson feel free to email me with a topic! I can structure the lesson for one classroom or for an entire grade level. You can also fill out the quick survey below: