Not just a bag of bones!

Delve into the most intriguing world of me!

Who am I?

I am the foundation of the earth, being a very strong alkaline earth metal and the fifth most abundant in Earth's crust. Ever wondered about stalagmites and stalactites? Over long periods of time, I build up in lumps and form these in caves. What about cement? Do you know what that is made with?

Important muscles and skeletal structures cannot function without me. I don't get along well with water or air; I'm sadly not very high in demand, costing $20 per 10g.

I can be used to refine elements, and I can be alloyed with others. I am used to eliminate gases from vacuums. One of my isotopes is used to make stomach antacids, chalk, white paint, and limestone.

Who am I?

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A few facts

I got my name from the roman words calx and calcis, long before Sir Humphrey Davy isolated me and gave me a proper title. The Romans used these words referring to limestone, which is made with one of my 24 isotopes. These isotopes range from Ca34 to Ca57.

In case you didn't already know, my symbol is Ca, atomic number is twenty, and my atomic mass is forty. Inside me my protons, neutrons, and electrons are all the same at, again, twenty. I am a rather soft metal, with a melting point of 842*C and a boiling point of 1484*C. Typically, I am content staying at a solid.

About me

Just think for a moment. Why can you see bones on x-Ray? Because of me! I don't allow silly radiation to pass through my atoms, so I appear white on the screen. How many lives have I saved?? Hmm??

Here are a few things to know about me. My density is 1.54g/mL. My appearance is soft and silvery gray. I am essential in human nutrition. You basically have two pounds of me inside of you. When you burn me, I produce a brilliant brick red flame. I'm used to purify water, though we usually don't agree and have a terrible reaction. To protect myself, I develop an oxide coating when exposed to cruel air. Even the cells in your body need me, they use me to communicate!

Don't take me for granted next time!