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August 27, 2017

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Welcome to Week 2

Thank you to everyone for making the first week of school a success! We made it through a solar eclipse, first week projects, late buses, and the first two "real" days of block schedule. This week is school "as usual" for us, which looks a little different this year.

Wednesday morning is our first late start for staff professional learning time. The facilitators will be in professional learning from 8am to 9am every Wednesday morning which means class won't start until 9:05am. If you get to school earlier than that because of your transportation, that is ok! Our learners normally hang out in the cafeteria or media center on these mornings if they are early. We will also be on what is called a "Workshop Wednesday" schedule this week. Please click below for what that schedule will look like this week.

I am excited to say that this year we will have a clubs introduction on our first Workshop Wednesday. This will allow learners to find new ways to connect with others on campus by joining one of our service, interest, or curricular clubs. You will also notice that there is an advisory on Wednesday morning. Click on the link below for that list. We will also have it posted in the media center on Wednesday morning.

Hope y'all have a great second week!

Steffany Batik


Parent Pickup Loop

The pickup/drop off loop is on the side of the building with faculty parking. Please do not park in the fire lane in the front of the building after school to pick up your children. You may intend to be there for a short time, but when many of you do that, it blocks our buses from being able to get into the loop. Officer Harr will be back on Monday to help us enforce this.

Thank you!

Steffany Batik

Rookie (and new learner) Laptop Information ***Important

**Reminder** Laptops need cases by the end of this week!

Laptops were issued this past week to all NTH@C rookies to use during the duration of their time at NTH@C. Laptops will need to have a hard case cover on them and can be purchased at a number of locations (including Amazon). The laptops are 13 inch MacBook Airs and learners can bring any hard case that they prefer. All learners will be expected to have their laptop cases by the end of the 2nd week of school.

Trouble Logging In To your CISD Stuff?

Here is the website to reset your password:

Curriculum Night

Monday, Sep. 11th, 6:30pm

113 Samuel Boulevard

Coppell, TX

Join PTSO!!!

Purchase your PTSO membership by visiting the PTSO webstore. Membership in the PTSO helps us support NTH@C and gets you a copy of the student directory. To purchase, visit PTSO webstore
A Day/ B Day/ and Wednesday Schedule

Please use this calendar to help you determine if days are A days, B days or Workshop and Wonderful Wednesdays.

Write- A- Check

Did you know that the New Tech PTSO will only ask you for a donation ONCE this year? No candy, wrapping paper, or discounts card sales. Promise!

Did you know that ONLY with your help, the New Tech PTSO is able to provide amazing benefits to our students and facilitators like:

  • Cutting edge technology
  • Enrichment programs for learners/facilitators
  • Learner incentives and rewards
  • Teacher Appreciation events and gifts, and
  • Scholarships for Graduating Seniors

Our 2017-2018 goal for the New Tech PTSO Fundraising Campaign is $10,000. ANY AMOUNT IS APPRECIATED!

Write-A-Check contributions of $25 or more will receive one NTH@C t-shirt.

Write-A-Check contributions of $75 or more will also receive the option of having a yard sign placed in your yard.

Please help us help your kids and their school!

Thank you in advance for supporting New Tech High @ Coppell!

Write-A-Check campaign ends September 15.

Coppell High School Bell Schedule for 2017-2018

Please click on the link to see the CHS Bell Schedule