Jackson Is a Zero!

Events leading to why Jackson is a zero, Not a hero!

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The picture above show how everything jackson does involves war or a riot.

"Trail of tears" Indian removal process

During this process Jackson thought he was such a great person by removing the Indians to a more "safer" place. He removed the Indians from their beloved home and put them through torture, whipping them and making the sleep on the ground with no fire in the sleet. If he really cared he would put them in better travel conditions. So it's obvious he only cared about HIMSELF and HIS people, nobody else.

Jackson's Kills the national bank.

Yes I know kills sounds kinda harsh, but Jackson despised the national bank because in his opinion he thought it wasn't necessary or proper, He considered it unconstitutional. Jackson disabled National banks which could have tended money to farmers and businesses when credit was dried up. Just because it wasn't Jackson's preference he vetoed it, killing the national bank.

The spoils system

The spoils system is the practice where after wining the election the new president gives his supporters jobs in the government. Jackson starting the spoils system when he was president was a terrible idea. Because of Jackson's personality a lot of his supporters were, I guess you could say Immature, Wild, and careless. So when they all went to celebrate Jackson's win they trashed the white house which took ages to clean up.
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