Montessori Matters

August 25, 2017

Welcome Back to MSA!

Yes, Montessori is an international experience, but …. we are fortunate enough to live in this great country where we continue to honor our country’s heritage and its emphasis on democratic principles.

Underneath our American flag is the Peace flag also representing the fact that along with being appreciative citizens of the United States of America, we also recognize that we are citizens of the world. As Montessorians, with Maria Montessori as a guide, we “believe that peace is not the absence of conflict, but the willingness to work out conflicts peacefully” (our MSA Peace Pledge). Each Monday, we respectfully gather around the flagpole to remind ourselves of each of those guidelines.

Dates to Remember

Tuesday, August 29- MSA Lady Eagles Volleyball at Laurens at 5:00

Thursday, August 31
- MSA Lady Eagles Volleyball at Concord Baptist Church at 6:00 vs Anderson Christian School

Monday, September 4- Labor Day. All School Programs Closed

Nurse's Notes

All students must have a South Carolina DHEC immunization record on file in the MSA Health Office within 30 days of admission or the first day of school. If you are a transfer student from out of state or country, all immunization records must be transferred to a SC DHEC Form at your physician's office or a South Carolina Health Department. If the student has received any additional immunizations in the last year, a new record must be submitted to MSA. Any student not in compliance with South Carolina's Immunization mandated guidelines must be excluded until a immunization record has been received. Please make every effort to meet this deadline so there is no interruption in your child's educational experience.

All students with health concerns should contact Nurse Merriman at 226-5344 ext. 201 to discuss the student's health and any emergency medications that need to be in place should the student need medical treatment. Supporting documentation will be discussed and a Emergency Care Plan developed for your child's needs.

Illness policy---All students must be 24 hour fever free (without medication), vomiting and diarrhea free before returning to school after illness.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

With healthy regards,

Susanna Merriman, RN.

Montessori: The Elementary Years (watch this video)

Montessori: The Elementary Years
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