What's News at Magee?

#5 - March 2019

Thinking Ahead...

It is hard to believe it is March already and we are moving toward Spring Break at the end of the month!

There are so many things that happen in the weeks leading up to the end of the year. One of those things is assessments - both local and state assessments - for students in second through fifth grade. Teachers will be able to provide more detailed dates/times as it gets closer. Our third through fifth graders will be taking the Forward Exam from April 9-April 26. The MAP Window, for students in second through fifth grade, is from May 13-May 31. Again, more details with dates and times will be forth coming. If you are able schedule appointments outside of the school day, that would be very much appreciated.

On the topic of thinking ahead, if you would like to share any information related to your child as a learner for us to keep in mind during class placements for the 19-20 school year, please do so in writing to Mrs. Sterner no later than Thursday, April 18, 2019. The process of placing students is a detailed one. Requests for specific teachers cannot be honored.

Girls on the Run

We have a group of 11 girls in grades 3-5 participating in Girls on the Run this spring. Girls on the Run is a non-profit organization striving to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident, using a fun, experience based curriculum which creatively integrates running. Girls will practice twice a week after school, and participate in culminating 5K on Sunday, May 19.

Counseling Connection

In Guidance classes in February we focused on solving problems at all grade levels. Having conflict is a normal part of life so it is important that students have strategies that can help them navigate the problem and find a solution that is both safe and respectful. In the younger grades we learned about the difference between Big Deals and Little Deals. Using the book Big Deals and Little Deals by Kim Edmister students learned that Big Deals are those problems that require an adults attention. Situations that are not safe, are dangerous or cause a student to worry about their safety or someone else's require the attention of an adult. We learned that thankfully Big Deals do not happen very often and more often than not students will experience little deals throughout their day. Little Deals are when someone is bothering you or does something that hurts your feelings. Students learned that there are several strategies they can try to solve their own problems without having to go to an adult first. Some strategies include;

  • Use a respectful voice asking the other person to stop what they are doing

  • Scootch or walk away if you are able

  • Ignore the noise or behavior that is bothering you

  • Use some positive self talk and say “oh well” and let it go

Students also learned that if a little deal happens with the same person, over and over, that it may be necessary to report what has been happening to a grown up.

Our older students learned the strategies from the Second Step curriculum.

S - Say the Problem without blaming the other person

T - Think of solutions that are both safe and respectful

E - Explore consequences - think about what would happen if…….

P - Pick the best solution

We specifically focused on how using the problem solving steps could help in situations that dealt with peer pressure and with gossip. Students that are capable of calming down and solving their own problems are more successful in school and in their interpersonal relationships.

Magee PTO Updates

Ms. Thuilliez's class won the recent Box Top Challenge. They will have some extra time gym time with Mrs. Sterner in the near future!

The Magee Spree is back on! Friday, May 3 at 6:30pm at Ella's Public House (formerly 18 West). They will be closed to the public for our event - which will feature a Full Friday Night Fish Fry Buffet as part of your $25 ticket! Don't miss out on this awesome event in a great new venue! Please visit https://bidr.co/events/mageespree2019 to purchase tickets or get more information!

Celebration of Learning

On Wednesday, March 20, 2019 from 5-7p we welcome families to Magee for a Celebration of Learning. There will be student work in classrooms, as well as throughout the building, along with different activities for families. We are excited to start this new tradition at Magee, we hope you can join us!

KM Project Fair

This is a special event that provides students with an opportunity to showcase talents and knowledge they have developed and acquired by following up on an interest. Each project must be accompanied by a written log detailing the steps they took and a summary of what they learned. Click HERE for more information.

Students are given individual feedback on their project by a panel of judges. All projects are awarded special recognition with a participation award and are exhibited according to the academic category. Students may only work with a partner if they are siblings. Students may also have parental help. Projects must be brought to Wales Elementary Campus the day before the fair during the registration check-in times. We provide tables; exhibitors provide easels or other display aids.

Dates to Remember...

March 14 - 5th grade human growth and development class

March 13-15 - 4th Grade Poynette and 5th Grade Field Trips

March 19 - Referendum Information Mtg. 5:30-6:30pm KMHS; Board Meeting at 7pm

March 20 - Celebration of Learning - 5-7pm at Magee

March 21 - Magee PTO Skate Night at Skateland in Waukesha 5:30-8pm

March 25-31 - No School - Spring Break

April 12 - PTO Meeting 9:00AM & Popcorn Day

April 19-22 - Easter Break

April 23 - 5K Field Trip 9:30AM-2:15PM

4th & 5th Grade Field Trip 8:40-2:45PM

April 24 - 2019-20 Kindergarten Kick Off 5:30-7:00PM

PTO Book Fair Begins and runs thru 5/1