By Kourtney, Zack, and Cassie

Who is Buddha

Buddha means "the awakened one". The Buddha was born in India in 563 BCE. In Nepal around 2,500 years ago the Buddha was puzzled over the meaning of life. The Buddha left his palace at age 29 to follow the traditional holy man, a seeker of truth. He nearly fasted to death following the brahmaism religion. The Buddha sat down under a pipal tree until he reached enlightenment. After 40 days he finally reached it. Soon after he reached enlightnment he began teaching about the path to enlightenment. The Buddha's original name is Prince Siddhartha Gautama he began being called the Buddha once he reached enlightnment.

Places where Buddhism is practiced:

Today Buddhism is found in Thailand, sirilanka, mayamar, cambodia, Laos, Japan, China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, also in European countries, and is some places in the United states of America. Buddhism is originally from India.

What is Buddhism?

Buddhism practices meditation which means changing yourself in order to develope certiean qualities. The three main elements of Buddhism are recitation, chanting, and the making of offerings. Chanting is usually done in Pali or Sanskrit. Offerings usually consist of flowers. The Buddhist believe that you need to keep a calm and positive mind, and you can reach a calm and positive mind from meditation. Around 350 million people practice Buddhism that's around 6% of the worlds population.

The Buddha

Was born in Kapilavastu, Nepal. Died in Kushinagar, India. Parents are Queen Mana Maya and King Śuddhodana. Born around 564 BCE.