The Common Core

How the Common Core is Benefiting Our High School

What is the Common Core?

The Common Core is a set of goals that students must meet in each grade level.

These common goals throughout Iowa ensure that students throughout the state are getting the skills needed for college and the workforce. This means, for example, that a second graders throughout the state will be focusing on the same goals. Whether students graduate from northeast or southwest Iowa, students will be equally prepared for the world.

Three-Minute Video Explaining the Common Core State Standards
The common core ensures that all students get the necessary skills on each step through school and includes checkpoints along the way to guarantee success.

What changes will you see as a result of the Common Core?

Teaching might look different than it did before. Instruction will change to include:

*student-centered classrooms

*rigorous and relevant lessons

*teaching for understanding

*teaching for learner differences

*assessment for learning

This means that teachers will be working even harder than before to meet the needs of their students. They will be more focused on the clear and high goals for the grade level and subject, frequently monitor student success toward these goals, and individualize instruction and support to ensure that each student meets the goals.

What changes will occur?

1) Literacy - There will be an increased focus on building a vocabulary, reading difficult texts with factual information, and answering questions that require referring back to the text.

2) Mathematics - There will be an increased focus on building math skills needed for science, technology, and engineering. The skills needed analyze and solve real-world problems will be developed.

3) Science - There will be an increased focus developing inquiry skills. This means that students will approach science learning through investigation, questioning, experimenting, predicting, and testing hypothesis.

4) Social Studies - There will be an increased focus on building skills needed to be active and informed citizens. This includes analyzing opinions on social issues, reflecting on their own opinions, expressing their opinions and ideas clearly, and participating in civic life.

5) Technology - There will be an increased focus on building skills to solve problems, communicate and collaborate effectively with others, and create products and solutions with technology.