Zitzman 411

Week of April 22nd

What's Happening This Week:

Monday: No School.

Tuesday: Wedding Shower in the Lounge. PLC's.Team Savage Running Club 3:30pm. Zitzman Talent Show Rehersal 4:00pm @ PHS.

Wednesday: Administrative Professionals Day! Martial Arts Presentation @ 2:30pm (2nd Grade ONLY)

Thursday: KDG Screenings All Day. Spirit Squad Practice @ 3:45pm. ZE Talent Show 6:00pm @ PHS.

Friday: Team Savage Running Club @ 7:45am. First Grade Zoo Field Trip. K-5 Evaluate Make Up Day. Specials PLC.

Communication Celebration

Big picture

LIM: Habit Homework for Families

Parents are our students’ first teachers. They play a big role in helping children become leaders. Let’s partner with them in their efforts to coach the social and emotional development of their children. Get started by trying these simple, yet effective, strategies for cultivating leadership at home.

  1. Habit Homework. Give families two to three options for a quick “habit homework” activity each week.
  2. Social Media Challenges. Try posting about the 7 Habits on your social media feeds. Invite families to post photos from home as part of a class or school challenge.
  3. Table Talks. Share these 7 Habits brainstormers and encourage families to select one or two reflective questions for “table talks” each week.
  4. Car Talk. Post a quote along with a reflective question on your school’s marquee or somewhere in the carpool line.
  5. BINGO. Roll out a Family BINGO Board each quarter. Encourage families to complete the activities and consider a door prize for families that return a completed board.
  6. Family Newsletters. Send home a Leader in Me family newsletter each month. Use a #hashtag to promote discussion online around the topic for each month.

These strategies ensure that students see leadership as a lifelong process, rather than something that stops when the school day ends. When parents and students practice the 7 Habits at home, students become better equipped to lead and family relationships improve. We call that a Win-Win!

March Attendance:

End of the Year

  • DRA folders for EVERY student will need to be turned in to the office grade level box for the summer.
  • Completed student profile forms will be added to the front of the student's DRA folder.
  • Grade levels needing support in completing their DRA assessments, should contact Ketina to reserve a substitute teacher for the day.

Be Brave

Tomorrow or this week we may face challenges, impossible tasks, or difficult problems.


you may not, but your students might.

Whatever the case, put on your brave face and