The Capulets' and Montagues' Clash

Somebody stop this family feud!

Bloody Scene

There was a roughhouse in the streets of Verona of the non-stop fighting families, the Capulets and Montagues. These two families have enmity for one and another since the ancient times. The Prince had told the families if he finds out that there's another fight between the families he will terminate both of them. These families just can't stop fighting.

So it started with Romeo crashing the party of the Capulets; Tybalt was offended of a Montague's presence in his house. Mr.Capulet told Tybalt there was no reason to kill Romeo. Tybalt decided to fight Romeo for disrespecting him, and so they took it to the streets of Verona. A witness said" I was just enjoying my Tuesday afternoon until I heard swords clashing and screams of citizens across the street from where I was." another witness named James said he saw Mercutio on the floor and Romeo's hands covered with blood. It seems that Tybalt had killed Romeo's best friend during the dual. Then Romeo couldn't handle the guilt of his best friend dying from a dumb family feud, so Romeo murder Tybalt and then vanish from the scene.

The Prince is now furious of the bloody scene that the families had caused. There was only one witness who saw the whole scene but they were a Montague ,and the Capulets think this witness might be lying what had happened. There no actual proof of what had happened in this bloody scene. The Prince's final decision was to vanish Romeo from Verona because there wasn't much evidence of what had happened. People who live in Verona are not safe ,yet the families' feud is still not over.