Clean-Up Oil Spills ~Support Booms~

Be educated about oil spills and the Boom method!

Oil Spills Education Night

Oil spills are effecting your world right now. What can you do to help? Donate to support clean-up missions with the highly effective 'Booms' method. A night of education to raise money for oil spill clean ups!

What is being done with your donations and ticket funds?

They are supporting the 'Boom' method.

Firstly, large buoyant booms are placed in the water. Afterwards, attached to the buoys are water skimmers called booms, which is basically an ultra-fine net. Next, the skimmer absorbs the slick from the oil spill and is contained in the net until it is brought to shore and disposed accordingly. This is a simple explanation, and there is even more to learn about his method at our event.

Parts of The Booms Method

Oil Spill Education Night - Supporting Clean-Up

Saturday, Feb. 6th, 5-9pm

100 Queens Park

Toronto, ON

Tickets will be sold online at and are a price of $15.00 per person. All proceeds will be directed towards purchasing and maintaining 'Booms' that clean oil spills and donation bins will be set up by the doors. Refreshments will be provided.

Want More Info On Oil Spills?

Here are some websites that provide information all about oil and oil spills.