gun safety

jaylen ellis

"what people should learn gun safety"

Gun safety should be taught to all americans. As our kids get older they should know how to use a gun. Gun safety should be taught as protection and not danger.
gun safety isnt really hard to explain if you just look at the words and use a couple context clues. America should be more aware of what power the shooter has in his or her hand. We as adults should want the next generation foward to be more aware of the capabilities of guns. We should have classes welcome for adults and children, to teach them how to operate a weapon with caution. Guns arent something to play around with, they can be used for protection but also harm to others.


Gun safety is not neccisary at all, be honest how many kpeople will get the chance to touch a gun? Kids do not need to hold guns but they will rarely get the chance to touch or operate a gun. Adults should be responcible and not leave a loaded gun around the house. Children this day in age are smarter then we think, they are capable of more then what we think of. A child will most likely know what guns are used for, maybe not the best shot but we dont want to risk that chance.

defending thiesis

In the article "straight shhoting on gun controll" by brian dehorty the author says, "More guns do not necessarily mean more homicides. More gun laws do not necessarily mean less gun crime." just because you have guns doesnt mean it will kill. whoever holds the gun has the power. (brian dehorty)

"This simple point--that America is awash with more guns than ever before, yet we are killing each other with guns less than ever before" (brian dehorty)

"Gun safety should be taught to young children so they know what action to take if they encounter a firearm." (a private publisher)

The basic tenets of handling a gun safely boil down to the following rules: handle all guns as if they are loaded, keep guns pointed in a safe direction, and keep fingers off the trigger until you are ready to fire. (reference)

While most groups tend to agree that education is the key to gun safety, opposition arises over when and where gun safety measures should be taught. Some feel that young children should be taught what to do if they encounter a firearm. (brian dehorty)

There are two basic crime scenes when it comes to gun violence in Canada. One involves weapons that are traceable - sometimes using the $1-billion long-gun registry that is likely to be scrapped by the Conservative government this fall, as promised. The other - far more common - involves guns that are not traceable because they are not registered, the registration number was erased or the guns used to kill are never found. (Max Harrold)

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