Real estate agent

By Allie Herrera

what is a real estate agent?

A real estate agent is someone who helps find the right house for you. You will trust and feel comfortable around this person because they want what's best for you!
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What skills are needed to be a real estate agent?

to be a real estate agent the biggest thing is to work well with people. Even if your client is hard to work you try to get them in your favor. If you are trying to sell a house you need to present it really well explain it explisitly and all of its features.

what is needed to accomplish before becoming a real estate agent?

You need to have a bachelors degree and graduate college

What an average years salary for a beginner?

A new real estates average salary would be about $39,56 a year but a really experienced real estate agent could get the salary of $44,489 or more a year judging on how well they are doing out in the field

If this dos not work what other occupation could I do?

If when I decide to have my own family and a real estate agent is too time consuming, I can then change my career to a teacher which I've also always wanted to do, I can do this because of my bachelors degree.
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What kind of environment does this job provide?

The environment of this job is traveling in a car driving house to house then if you have an office you could also go there to either receive new clients or just like a break spot (which wouldn't happen often)
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The college I really want to go to is the UT and I will also get my bachelors degree.