Leads Three Things

2-10 Shift! (7/17)

Food for Thought

Something's cooking and it smells like brunch! That's because Sam Swope is coordinating a night shift brunch at Zenith! This fun event will mimic a 2-10 outing from earlier in the year (minus the snow), making it the second team-organized event this year! Here's to good food and even better company. :)

Did You Know?

The 2-10 and 5-1 shifts often do joint rallies as a way to team build and encourage unification between teams. Not only does this allow our shift members to become more familiar with one another (it's a great way to introduce the new peeps!), but it also gives 5-1ers the chance to meet since 5:00 is a less-than-ideal meeting time.

Mark Your Calendars!

Karen was studying abroad in Paris for the past two months but is due to return THIS MONTH! Her first day back in the office will be July 24, so please give her a warm welcome once she returns!