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News from Ms. Welch, CST

Upcoming Dates:

Aug. 28-Turn in Sub Folders if you have not by 3pm

Aug. 29-Faculty Meeting 2:45pm

Aug. 30-Special Ed. Meeting 2:45pm

Aug. 31-New Teacher Meeting (PAWS Basic Training) 2:45-3:15pm

Sept. 1-RUOS Training at Manning Oaks Elementary all day (you will need your BAS scores for this!)

Sept. 1-Hospitality Meeting 3:15pm

Sept. 4-Holiday-NO SCHOOL

Sept. 7-Heather at CST Meeting all day

Grade Level Meetings

I will be attending your grade level meetings next week to briefly discuss/share the following:

Red bird




Must Finish BAS testing

BAS test scores are due this Friday, Aug. 26. I will check the spreadsheets on Tuesday April 29 at 3:00 pm. Please let me know if you need help to get this task done. You will need your BAS scores for the training on September 1st at Manning Oaks Elementary. You will be using this data to guide your small groups and workshop.
BAS Resources

Check with Ashley Loftus for more BAS resources!

PAWS Basic Training (New Teacher Check ins)

Our monthly PAWS Basic Training meet ups are required for teachers with 0-3 years experience. If this is your 4th year or more, you are not required to attend.

Mark the dates on your calendar (from the master calendar) and plan on attending.

Next session is Aug. 31 at 2:45 Collab Room

Reading Units of Study Resources on the Heinemann Site

If you haven't, please register your kit on the Heinemann website. The Teachers College has added additional resources for writing through this log in. These resources include:

-Pictoral checklists K-5 (upper grades now added)

-Spanish translations of the rubrics and checklists

-Anchor charts that can be printed on sticky notes or made into personal charts for student notebooks (awesome)!

Teaching Museum Field Trips

See your email for more info. Send Heather an email with desired program, date and time and she will help get your grade scheduled. The museum offers in house field trips and they are free!

Classroom Management Tip: Proximity

Proximity Control- the idea that simply being physically near students improves their behavior and focus. Focus on the proximity not necessarily the control!

The Benefits of Proximity Control
Not only is using proximity control free and easy, but it helps sustain some important components in your classroom.

  • It preserves student’s dignity and confidence. When you stop class to “call out” a student in front of their peers, this is a stressful and embarrassing experience to undergo as a student.
  • It redirects students in a respectful and effective way. This method reinforces fairness and respect for students, adjusting their behavior with a positive sense of presence rather than a negative use of words.
  • It maintains your flow of work or instruction. Instead of hitting the pause button and momentarily distracting the class with a reprimand, proximity control redirects individual students without disrupting the current focus of the class.
  • It helps you know what’s going on. Not only does being close to students redirect them, but you can acquire a firsthand over-the-shoulder view of what students are engaged with throughout your room.
  • It reinforces the standards of your classroom. Similar to when drivers start braking their cars when a cop passes by, all students within the sphere of your proximity commit a quick self-assessment to determine how their current behavior aligns with the stated expectations.
So as you look for ways to respectfully redirect student attention and subtly reinforce your high standards, get on your feet and make yourself physically present around your students!
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