African Slave Trade

By: Tyanna Carey

Start of slavery Trade

Slavery has been around since ancient times. It can be traced back from 1760 BC. When Christopher Columbus ventured into North America he had many Native Americans as slaves, but the Europeans killed them all off so they ran out. The Europeans went to Africa next, stealing them for slaves. Thus began the Triangle Trade.

Triangle Trade

The Europeans found this as an opportunity to make money. The Europeans would bring guns and other goods and trade it to African tribes in order for those tribes to capture neighboring or enemy tribes. The Europeans would take the Africans who were captured and pack them on to a boat, giving them almost 4 by 4 square feet of room. Due to the lack of sanitation many became sick, and then were thrown over board, to prevent getting anyone else sick. North America, South America, and Cuba all bought slaves, and that money went to the Europeans.

Working Slaves

Often families would be pulled apart when they were sold, being bought by two different people. Most would work from sun up to sun down. Some would even work for 48 hours in harvest season. They would often whip slaves and rape women for discipline.