Abraham Lincoln Best President.

He was president of our country during our hardest times.

Abraham Lincoln's Challenges

During slavery, one of the United States darkest hours, everyone needed a leader to help the people. Then the Civil War happened, and the U.S.A. needed someone to bring the nation back together. President Lincoln faced his challenge head on and tackled them down and did what needed to be done. He made Great decisions like freeing the slaves so the north and the south could be reunited as The United States of America.

Abraham Lincoln's Communication skills.

He was a great speaker and gave numerous speeches that helped lead the country in the correct direction. He was a simple speaker and was very persuasive because of it. He had long speeches that can be summarized in a couple of seconds like "A house divided among itself can not stand"

Abraham Lincoln's legacy.

He left a great legacy and will be remembered for thousands of years to come.

Lincoln's Qualities.

He was an honest man,and had a strong sense of justice. He tried his hardest to reunite the country. Lincoln was smart and was a lawyer before being the president.