By Benjamin Baki

Country Basics

The name of the country is Armenia

The capital in Armenia is Yerevan.

The Armenian flag consist of three horizontal bands of equal width, red on the top blue in the middle, and orange in the bottom.

Geography of Armenia

Armenia is located in Middle East Asia and the countries surrounding are Georgia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Tabriz.

The major landforms in Armenia are mountains, hills, and plains. The elevation of Armenia is 1500m+.

Major Landmarks in Armenia conclude The Armenian Mother statue, Khor Virap Monument, and The Gate of Armenia.

The environment is very mountainous and hilly. Because of this Armenia has a very dry climate and when winter comes Armenia can get very cold and snowy. Sometimes it can get so cold that temperatures can go down to -5 Celsius. Therefore the citizens of Armenia usually have to dig up snow and wear heavy clothing.

Pictures in Armenia

Government in Armenia

Armenia has a Democratic Republic government and the leader of Armenia is President Serzh Sargsyan. The leaders are elected by citizens. The rights and responsibilities of Armenian citizens are freedom of choice, right to safety, and rights to avoid unnecessary pain or suffering, etc.

Economy in Armenia

Armenia is a poor country with a GDP of $10.88 billion USD. The currency that Armenia uses is the Armenian Dram. The Main export in Armenia is pig iron, nonferrous metals, unwrought copper, and minerals.

Life Expectancy- The life expectancy in Armenia is 74.37 years.

Birth Rate: The Armenian death rate is 9.34 deaths/1,000 population.

Literacy Rate: The literacy rate in Armenia is 99.7%

The Water Source: The water source in Armenia is Lake Sevan

The Culture in Armenia

The traditional Armenian clothes are very colorful and various. The traditional man's suit consisted of silk or cotton color shirt with low collar and side fastener and wide trousers from dark wool or cotton. Over the shirt Armenians put on cotton or silk arkhaluk – outerwear with low collar fastened waist down with hooks or small buttons. The modern Armenian clothing is typical western clothing such as jeans, T-shirts, etc.

The official language in Armenia is Armenian. Armenia's most popular music is the Armenian folk music.

The major holidays in Armenia are New Year Day, Army day, and Christmas.

The main religion in Armenia is Armenian Apostolic. Armenian Apostolic is one of the most ancient Christian Orthodox religions.

One of the most popular foods in Armenia is the Adobo sa gata which is a rich pork stew made with pork cubes cooked in vinegar, soy sauce, coconut milk and chili peppers.

The Armenians most popular sports is soccer and wrestling. Armenia also has a game called Pan-Armenian Games. The Pan-Armenian Games is a multi-sport event held between two competitors from the Armenian diaspora and Armenia. They consist of various competitions in individual and team sports among the Armenian athletes.

Climate in Armenia

The winter temperature of Armenian highland varies around the freezing point. Summertime is warm in the Armenian Plateau with an average temperature of 25 degree centigrade. Yerevan, the capital city, features substantial variations in temperature.

The average yearly rainfall in Armenia is 12in.

In the mountains the average summer temperature ranges between +10 and +22°C, and in the winter temperatures range between +2 and -14 °C. In plain lands the average January temperature is -5 °C, and July temperature is +25 °C.

History of Armenia

The Armenian Genocide (1915-1917) also known as The Armenian Holocaust was a mass murder of 1.5 million Armenian people which was conducted by Turkish leaders of the Ottoman Empire. The genocide was a huge drop in Armenian population therefore the relations between Turkey and Armenia are still tense.

The Hamidian massacres (1894-1896) was a large mass murder of the Armenian people which was caused by the Ottoman Empire. The massacre lead to the 300,000 deaths so Armenia became enemies with the Ottoman Empire.

Compare and Contrast


Similarities: Both countries have democratic form of government. Both countries elect their president through the election process.

Differences: In the United States the president is a head of state and leads the executive branch. In Armenia the president is head of state however the prime minister is head of the government that is composed of different ministers.


Similarities: In the United Sates and Armenia beef, poultry, and fish are popular. Both United States and Armenian cuisine are influenced by different cultures. Armenian cuisine is influenced by Turkish, Georgian, Persian, and Mediterranean cuisine. The United States is influenced by British, Italian, French, Spanish, Etc.


In Armenia lamb and eggplants are the most popular ingredients. In United States Lamb and eggplants are not very widespread in American cooking. One of the traditional breakfasts is Khash is a stew that is made from cow feet or tongue or heart. This is very different from the traditional US breakfast of eggs, bacon, and pancakes