By Ethan Pfeil

Positions in Lacrosse


  • Plays on opponents side of field.
  • Responsibility is to score goals.
  • Rely on mid-fielders to feed them the ball.


  • Plays both offense and defense
  • Play on all sides of the field
  • Try to get the ball from the other team.

  • Plays on your side of the field.
  • Responsibility stop attack from scoring and getting ball back to your attack men.
  • Stop the ball from reaching your goal.

  • Doesn't score goals.
  • Saves balls from going into the net.


A face-off is the method to begin the game in lacrosse. The 2 opponents face each other at the center of the field and the players try to gain control of the ball and give it to their teammates and try to score.

The different positions in lacrosse an their differences

How to learn the basics of lacrosse

The first thing you want to do is find a stick that is good for you one that you can control your speed and aim with, things to keep in mind when purchasing a stick that you can use is a light stick and a head strung to your perfection, when purchasing you must keep in mind that the length of an Attack/mid-fielder has to be a overall length of 31" and a defense stick with a minimum of 52" and a maximum length of 60"

Box lacrosse

Box lacrosse originally came from Canada. Box lacrosse is pretty different from regular lacrosse, The first thing that is different is the size of the goal a regular goal is 6x6 and a box lacrosse net is 4x4. The second thing that is different is that there are 5 players and one goalie on each side. And lastly box lacrosse can be played year round if you play where the weather conditions are poor

Basic rules of lacrosse

In lacrosse many rules come into play to ensure the sport is safe. The first thing that you need to make sure your stick meets all specifications. The first thing you have to look at is to make sure the head on the lacrosse stick is not illegal the way to tell is that if the ball sags lower than the side walls on the lacrosse head makes it illegal so you will have to adjust that. The next thing I am going to talk about is illegal and legal body checks. For instance a push from behind to the player with the ball is illegal but if you push the player from the front is completely legal and also your stick cannot touch another players helmet if you hit someone in the helmet it is illegal. And lastly when you are giving a cross check you have to make sure it is above the waste and lower than the neck all these rules are to keep the sport safe and fun.