Task 3

potential barriers to effective communication

Background noise and Distractions

Background Noise and Distractions:
in the workplace there are many aspects that can affect the work you perform, these are known as barriers, this barrier i am going to talk about is known as " Background Noise and Distractions", this is the most common barrier in the workplace that can affect an efficient work input, and is usually caused by distractions when being told what to do by another employee or even the employer, like background noise, for example when talking to another about what your task is and there's machinery in operation, this is classed as background noises, but there is a very simple way or solving this problem, when being asked a question or funding out what your tasks is, and if there's background noise, you should ask the person your talking to if you can go somewhere that's a little more quite and private, doing this will ensure that you take in the correct information you need.

Physical Barrier

another type of barrier encountered in the workplace is a "Physical Barrier" these can effect communication in the workplace through many different ways and can make it harder for things to be sent to internal departments and even to complete normal work and tasks, these barriers include things such as disabilities and health issues, such as deafness and lack of limbs, for example if an employer gives an employee a task to perform and they are deaf, then the person may not understand the task they have been give to due their illness, this is not a bad thing, as it can easily be solved by the employer talking louder and and even slower.